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Neemrana: History meets Opportunity

About Neemrana

Neemrana industrial space in the Kotputli-Behror district of Rajasthan, India has attracted so much global attention recently. Neemrana has situated 120 km from the capital and close to the Delhi-Jaipur Highway, which was famous for its hitherto history, replete with forts telling sagas of the kings of their region. Lately, it is being talked about for the growing industrial cluster which is a huge buzz for office& industrial space witnessing a rapid pace of industrialization growing exponentially. Neemrana is a place where ‘the heritage meets modern lifestyle’. Created by the initiative of the Rajasthan Industrial Investment Corporation (RIICO) only a couple of years ago, it is fast attracting overseas investors facilitating speedy inflow of FDI into India, already burgeoning at a near 400 billion dollars, as per Budget FY 2016-17 estimates.  Central government’s ambitious 90 billion dollars plus Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC) shapes up there. Neemrana is the first city on DMIC development route that has received approval for funds and land acquisition. Neemrana has Japanese cluster spread itself over a nearly 1,200 acre complex, houses leading automobile ancillaries, mostly from Japan. The Japanese model has attracted several other countries into Rajasthan. But what attracts these industries? There are some factors due to which every potential industrialists give a thought of starting up in this particular region ::

  1. Cost of land acquisition for industrial use is cheap as compared to other states
  2. labour laws being framed in such a way that it provides a great degree of comfort for overseas investors to absorb indigenous labour as part of their workforce.
  3. Geographically, Neemrana is advantageously located close to the DMIC.
  4. infrastructural facilities for industry is said to grow by leaps and bounds with the location of a huge container hub and one of Northern India’s largest dry ports here.
  5. One of the most significant aspects of Neemrana is that while it promotes industrial growth it also generates huge demand for residential space at a time when the real estate market is virtually in limbo in Delhi NCR and UP states, where no major appreciation has taken place. Instead, values have slid considerably. Neemrana stands out in isolation offering investors attractive returns.

Metro connectivity between Neemrana and Delhi is expected soon and a vast educational hub to spawn some 38 universities there. A greenfield airport is also expected to come up here for the benefit of cargo and passenger movement. There are many Multinational and large Indian companies either have operations or are poised to start early generating both revenue and business and employment opportunities.