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Who we are

IBSH brings excellence in neuroscience to the state of Rajasthan and the neighbouring states of North India. We are the first superspeciality hospital in neurosciences in the state. Established in 2007 the IBS Hospital represents the culmination of a dream of neurosurgeon, businessman, philanthropist Dr Kamal Goyal, of creating a world-renowed centre dedicated to providing international standard of neurocare at affordable price to the people of his homeland.

Why Choose Us

“The hospital performs around 700 neuro surgeries annually”

Soon after inception, the hospital gained an enviable reputation as the trendsetting institute in its chosen field across Rajasthan and its neighboring states. It remains at the forefront in the field of neuroscience. Over the years the hospital has grown from strength to strength, continuing to lead the way with the most advanced surgical tools and technology.

Robotic Spine Suite

Robotics for
Spine surgery

Revolutionizing spine surgery with Robotics


Intraoperative 3D imaging with O-arm™

Revolutionizing neuro surgery with O-arm™


Neuromonitoring intraoperative

Revolutionizing neurosurgery with Neuromonitoring


Neuro Suite

3D neuro navigation guidance for brain and spine surgery


Neuro Surgical Microscopes


MidasRex High Speed Drill


Neuro Intervention Lab

Bi-plane Cath Lab

Jaipur’s only Bi-Plane Cath Lab for Neuro intervention


Vision & Mission

To be the finest neuroscience hospital in North India

In order to achieve this vision, we are guided by the following mission statements:

  • Operate to the highest standards
  • Provide a comprehensive range of neurological services
  • Focus on affordable care -in patient friendly environment so as to be accessible to all sections of the society
  • Embrace employment policies and practices that attract and retain high caliber staff, recognizing their contribution to the success of our vision

We Have A Long List Of Path-Breaking Surgeries Undertaken Successfully For The First Time In Rajasthan


  • 2007: Awake craniotomy
  • 2007: Saggital Sinus Tumor
  • 2007: Insertion of programmable V-P shunt for hydrocephalus
  • 2008: Excision of 5 cm large glomus tumour without pre operative embolization
  • 2014: Amygdalo –hippocampectomy for epilepsy surgery
  • 2018: Excision of acoustic Schwanomma with hearing preservation


  • 2008: STA – MCA bypass in 2 yr old for Moya Moya disease
  • 2009: Bilateral STA-MCA bypass in 20 yr old for Moya Moya disease
  • 2009: Excision of AVM
  • 2010: Clipping of vertebral artery aneurysm

Spine – cervical

  • 2007: Craniocervical fixation
  • 2008: Lateral mass screw fixation for C2,3,4,5,6
  • 2008: Subaxial Transpedical Screw
  • 2009: C1 lateral mass and C2 transpedicular screw fixation for Rheumatoid arthritis
  • 2009: Application of halo brace for C2 fracture
  • 2020: C5-6 Vertebrectomy for cervical spine tumour & 360 fixation from single midline posterior approach

Spine – Thoraco-Lumbar & Pelvic

  • 2008: Minimal invasive spine fixation in 85 yr old lady
  • 2008: Lumbopelvic fixation
  • 2008: Retroperitonial approach for L2#, vertebrectomy and fixation
  • 2009: Correction of kyphosis and fixation
  • 2009: 360 * clearance of spine metastasis and anterior posterior fixation from single approach
  • 2010: Thoraco lumbar approach for T12 vertebrectomy, cage vertebroplasty and fixation
  • 2011: Transcervical approach for T2-T3 vertebrectomy and cage fixaton

Complete Neuro Surgical Solutions

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